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Club Sandwich

club sandwich
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This community is for the exclusive members of "Club Sandwich". We meet at least once a month to eat club sandwiches and make jokes. If you ever have the privelege of attending one of these exclusive meetings, consider yourself very lucky. We invite honorary members from time-to-time, so who knows? You may find yourself at one of our meetings one time.

Some idiot reserved the community name "club_sandwich" so unfortunately i had to spell it wrong.
"bencaed", "bencaing", "extra pickle", "im gonna benca!", "no tomato", ashley, bitches, booze, capcom.vs.snk 2, chelsie benca, cigarettes, club sandwiches, coffee, computers, electronics, engrish, george steinbrenner, las plagas, leon, making arcade sticks, movies, music, pinball petes, pyramid head, reaganomics, resident evil 4, rival schools, salazar, seinfeld, senate coney island, soda, synthesizers, the colbert report, the grecian